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Les produits A. Mulard
Respecting quality standards: a constant requirement
In order to produce effective treatments to maintain, nourish, preserve or improve footwear, Gybem is committed to using the most effective and finest quality ingredients. Gybem’s notoriety is based on the quality of its formulas, founded on the combination of natural, high quality ingredients like bee’s wax or carnauba wax, as well as other more modern ingredients resulting from the latest technological innovations.
Cire naturelle A. Mulard
Cirage A. Mulard
The formulas designed or improved upon by the exterior laboratory, according to Gybem’s standards of quality, are approved by our Chemical Engineer, who has more than 20 years of experience in leather and footwear maintenance products.

The products are then manufactured and packaged by our different packaging units, in tubes, bottles, or aerosol cans, profiting from the latest technological innovations, according to the “quality and traceability” specifications that resemble the HACCP reference for the food industry.

A.Mulard Shoe Cares Range : Specific products with explicit names

Satisfaire nos clients et les consommateurs, c’est savoir aussi les informer précisément, sans autre apparat que la vérité, à travers :

   •  To satisfy our clients and consumer is also to know how to correctly inform them, conveying only the truth, through:
• For many diverse desired effects :
- Polish, shine
- Renew, recolor
- Protect: from rain, snow, oils
- Clean and protect
- Deep nourishing
- Stain removal
- Well-being
Cirage A. Mulard
• Explicit and transparent product names that describe what they do
• Complete information described in detail on the bottle

Adaptable to your needs

To satisfy your clients is also to remain close with them, listening to their needs and finding solutions.
That’s why Gybem Laboratories offer their products not only under the Mulard brand but also under the distributor’s brand.
Being a manufacturer also allows us to respond to many different demands for packaging (aerosol, bottles, tubes, jars), in multiple different volumes, thus allowing our clients to be true to their visions and, and at the same time distinguish themselves even more.
Crèmes A. Mulard
Cirage A. Mulard
Crèmes A. Mulard
Aérosols A. Mulard

Finally, we develop exclusive formulas, by request, according to your specifications.
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